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Product Returns & Cancellations

Returns & Cancellations

The return and cancellation policy of is as follows:
• Products are returned only within 14 days of receipt.
• Prerequisite for the products to be returned is that they have not been used and have not been opened or their packaging has not been damaged and they include all accessories, gifts, accompanying products, and materials.
 • Be accompanied by the receipt of purchase.

Order cancellations

The cancellation policy of is as follows:
If the customer cancels an order when he has already received it at his place, then only the return costs will be charged, unless he returns it to our store, where there is no charge. In case of an order that has not been sent yet, he can contact us immediately, before it is delivered to the courier. In any case, the company will cancel the order by taking all the necessary actions. In any case, before any order cancellation, please contact us by email or phone
Return / Cancellation due to exercise of the Right of Withdrawal
If you are a natural person (consumer) and your purchase is for personal use only, then you have the right to withdraw without stating any reason within 14 calendar days of delivery to you, returning the product to us.

The right of withdrawal is valid if:
A condition for withdrawal is that the product is in its original condition, has not been used, its packaging is genuine, in excellent condition, not damaged or incomplete, or with obvious signs of wear and includes all accessories, gifts, accompanying products, and materials.

Check & Refund:
If within this period, the product is received by us, and after checking and ascertaining its perfect condition according to the above, we will refund you in full the price you have paid for the specific purchase, in the same way that you had paid for it within no later than 14 days from the day your Withdrawal Statement is sent.

FOR THE RETURN OF THE PRICE in the product return: If in the context of the above (eg in the case of withdrawal), we will make a payment of the original price to you , it is clarified that:
If the payment was made by you using a Credit or Debit card, our COMPANY is obliged to inform the Bank about the cancellation of the transaction.
 In case the payment of the price has been made in cash or Bank transfer or cash on delivery, in order to return the said amount, you will indicate on your part a Bank account (sending proof that you are the beneficiary of it) to which the deposit will be made.

We would also like to explicitly note the following:
• As a company we do not provide any warranty for the products other than the warranty that accompanies them from the manufacturer
• In case a customer wants to use the warranty of a product provided by the manufacturer, he undertakes the communication with him and the cost of sending the defective product to him.
* Each manufacturer has its own packaging system for its products. By "damaged packaging" we mean any action that has altered the original state of the packaging and the product irreversibly. The same applies to products that have a special safety tape and this should not be violated in any way.

For any return, please fill in the product return form at this LINK